Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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Rimerock Burrow: caps, special character, one word
Located on the hillside in the northernmost corner of the map, Rimerock Burrow can be tricky to find, especially if you approach it from the wrong angle. Take the road leading south from [[Skyrim:Lost Echo Cave|Lost Echo Cave]] and follow it as it twists and turns. At the crossroads, take the snowy path leading northwest and you will get straight to the entrance.
Inside, you will encounter a hostile [[Skyrim:Daedra|leveled atronach]], presumably created by [[Skyrim:Sebastian Lort|Sebastian Lort]] as an extra guardian. Sebastian himself can be found in the next room, equally hostile and will not hesitate to use his [[Skyrim:Conjuration|conjuration]] spells. After the battle, claim the [[Skyrim:The Rueful Axe|Rueful Axe]] from the table and examine the room for a bit of loot, an [[Skyrim:Arcane Enchanter|Arcanearcane Enchanterenchanter]] and, on Sebastian’sSebastian's night standnightstand in the following room, the Conjuration [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:2920,_Hearth_Fire,_v9|2920, Hearth Fire, v9]]''. It is now time to return to Clavicus Vile in Haemar's Shame.
===Put Him Out of Our Misery!===
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