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Questions, Issues, or Account Help: updating outdated info and editing part with odd grammar
* '''E-mail''' - If you are having problems logging in or setting up your account, or have not yet been confirmed to send PMs, please feel free to send the forum admin(s) an e-mail. They can be reached any time at ''''''.
* '''Talk Page''' - Wiki users can access the talk pages of forum staff, as listed above. The best individuals whose pages to contact are forum admins [[User_Talk:Musicman247|forum admin Musicman247]] or, [[User_Talk:Avron_the_S'wit|oldAlpha forumKenny adminBuddy|AKB]], Avronand the S'wit[[User_Talk:Alarra|Alarra]], both who can assist you with any forum related questions or problems. However, when leaving notes on talk pages, please remember that '''anyone''' can read them and choose which private account information to share wisely!. Never post your account password and e-mail credentials, for the safety of your own account.!
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