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! Publisher
| Bethesda Softworks
|- <br/>0929843290
! Pages
| 978- 0929843292<br/>0929843290
! Pages
| 192
! Game
| [[Battlespi reBattlespire:Battl espireBattlespire|Battlespire]]
'''''The Battlespire Athenaeum''''' is the official hint and strategy guide for [[Battlespire:Battlespire|Battlespire]].
''"Unlock the Secrets of the Battlespire! You hold in your hands the Official Battlespire Hint Book. It contains the necessary charts and maps that detail every object, weapon, potion, monster and person you are likely to encounter and shall instruct you in what you need to know in order to survive the Battlespire. Read about the intricacies of character creation and the importance of magical potions. Look up the answers to every puzzle, riddle and password you will need to move about as you figure out how to overcome the evil cunning of Mehrunes Dagon, the Black Daedra Lord who has captured the Battlespire that you must free. Armed with the knowledge contained within this tome, your wits and cunning shall be drastically advanced. Who knows, you might survive the contest after all...."''
~Battlespire Athenaeum back cover
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