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|imgdesc=as seen in Skyrim}}</noinclude>
{{Lore Link|Madanach}}, also known as the '''King in Rags''', is {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Skyrim|a [[Skyrim:Breton|Breton]] [[Skyrim:Witchblade|witchblade]] and&#32;}}the leader of the Forsworn Rebellion. He once controlled all of {{Lore Link|the Reach}} and {{Lore Link|Markarth}}, although only for a short time. During the [[Lore:Great War|Great War]], in {{Year|4E 174}}, he led the uprising to drive out the {{Lore Link|Nord}}s from power in the Reach, but was defeated two years later and captured by a militia led by {{Lore Link|Ulfric Stormcloak}}.{{ref|name=TBOM|{{Cite book|The Bear of Markarth}}}} The survivors fled throughout the Reach and became known as the {{Lore Link|Forsworn}}, but Madanach was captured, and only survived by agreeing to an offer from one of the city's nobles, Thonar Silver-Blood, who offered him "a stay from the headsman's axe" and the ability to continue to lead his rebellion from within prison, as long as the Forsworn protected the Silver-Blood family's interests. Madanach thus remained indefinitely imprisoned in {{Lore Link|Cidhna Mine}} for over 25 years.<noinclude>
In {{Year|4E 201}}, Madanachthe metLast Dragonborn discovered this shady relationship between the two factions while investigating a Forsworn attack on a visiting Imperial woman named Margret in the city's marketplace. The city guard, who profited from the situation, covered up the situation by arresting the Dragonborn, withinand throwing them {{Loreinto Link|Cidhna Mine}}, with Madanach and his imprisoned followers. The Dragonborn searched for and met Madanach there. Madanach gave the Dragonborn a choice between helping him and the other Forsworn escape the prison indue revengeto againsthis thedistaste Nordsat forbeing imprisoningforced themto serve the Silver-Bloods, or duelling him to the death to repayavenge the innocents whose death Madanach had orderedm as well as his attempts to havekill and silence the Dragonborn killed beforeduring their incarcerationinvestigation.{{ref|name=Skyrim|[[Skyrim:No One Escapes Cidhna Mine|Events]] of [[sr:Skyrim|Skyrim]].}}
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