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The '''Shadowscales''' are an organization of [[Online:Argonian|Argonian]] assassins from Black Marsh. Those Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow are given to the [[Online:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] at birth to be trained as professional killers. Although they worship {{Lore Link|Sithis}} and obey the Brotherhood's tenets, the contracts given to Shadowscales serve only to aid the Argonian people, and they act with impunity in Black Marsh.
The Shadowscales opposed the formation of the [[Online:Ebonheart Pact|Ebonheart Pact]] due to their hatred of their former slavemasters, the [[Online:Dunmer|Dunmer]]. Shadowscales can be encountered at [[Online:Stormhold|Stormhold]], [[Online:Murkwater|Murkwater]], [[Online:Sunscale Strand|Sunscale Strand]], [[Online:Loriasel|Loriasel]] and [[Online:The Gray Mire|the Gray Mire]].
!Generic Members
;[[Online:Shadowscale Deadeye|Shadowscale Deadeye]]
;[[Online:Shadowscale Scout|Shadowscale Scout]]
;[[Online:Shadowscale Sentry|Shadowscale Sentry]]
;[[Online:Shadowscale Deadeye|Shadowscale Deadeye]]
*{{Quest Link|What Happened at Murkwater}}
*{{Quest Link|Pull the Last Fang}}
*{{Quest Link|The Swamp's Embrace}}
*{{Quest Link|Scars Never Fade}}