Skyrim:Ravenscar Hollow

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It is found by going east along the road that passes [[Skyrim:Wolfskull Cave|Wolfskull Cave]] and following the road a ways downhill past a switchback until you see two cairns on the left. A path begins here that winds its way downhill past several more cairns and along the shore to the entrance of the cave.
== ''{{LE|Ravenscar Hollow}}'' ==
[[File:SR-interior-Ravenscar Hollow.jpg|thumb|right|Ravenscar Hollow interior]]There are several [[Skyrim:Blue Mountain Flower|blue mountain flowers]] and a [[Skyrim:Purple Mountain Flower|purple mountain flower]] around the piles of rocks marking the path, with several [[Skyrim:Spiky Grass|grass]] plants and a tree stump with a [[Skyrim:Mora Tapinella|mora tapinella]] fungus growing on it along the path. There is a leveled [[Skyrim:Animals|animal]] guarding the entrance and a waterfall just to the right that forms a stream across the path. Outside of the entrance there are the typical sharpened stakes, human bones, and goat's and skeever's heads on stakes found near hagraven dwellings.
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