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Skyrim:Apocrypha (Filament and Filigree)

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* {{Quest Link|Black Book: Filament and Filigree (quest)}}
==Zone 1: ''{{LE|Filament and Filigree}}''==
Filament and Filigree opens on a dimly lit vestibule facing a dark corridor. The [[Skyrim:Traps#Deadly Darkness|darkness]] here is dangerous, literally; entering it will inflict continuous heavy damage which can not be resisted any means, including the [[Skyrim:Become Ethereal|Become Ethereal]] shout. Floating lamps drift above the platforms, providing safe havens of light to walk in. Other forms of light will also work to prevent damage (e.g. torches, [[Skyrim:Candlelight|Candlelight]], [[Skyrim:Magelight|Magelight]]), so long as they keep away the darkness. Ahead and to the right is a table and a font of magicka. On the table are two random soul gems, and a copy of the [[Skyrim:Sneak|Sneak]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:Three Thieves|Three Thieves]]''.
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