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Due to the proscriptions of the Green Pact, forges are rare in Valenwood, and metal weapons have never been widespread amongst the Bosmer. They typically utilize bone clubs, or else axes and spears with blades of stone or obsidian. Their composite horn bows are arguably the finest in Tamriel. In coastal towns, imported metal weapons are more common, and Altmeri tutelage in these areas has benefited many Bosmeri swordsmen. However, Altmer who are schooled in "Proper Conflict", as they call their system of swordsmanship, typically refuse to adapt their techniques to the needs of their shorter cousins, and Bosmer students are typically less attentive to the finer philosophical points of the lessons, thus the experience has often proven to be mutually exasperating.{{ref|name=CAOV|{{Cite book|Common Arms of Valenwood}}}}
By the age of fourteen, Bosmer youth are typically proficient enough with the bow to accompany hunting parties.{{ref|name=CAOV}} Long-distance archers are known as Jaqspurs.{{ref|name=CAOV}}{{ref|name=WAP|{{Cite book|Words and Philosophy}}}} It is their style of draw, "snatching and releasing in one continuous motion", which has made the Bosmer famous as archers. Their traditional bows are crafted from horn and sinew. Strings are also made of sinew; Khajiiti gut is said to work best, and is thus prized among Valenwood archers. Bosmeri arrows are carved from bone, and fletched with the feathers of various bird species. They believe the source of bone used influences the characteristics of the arrow. {{Lore Link|Mammoth}} bone arrows are thought to strike with enough force to knock down a target. Bird bone arrows fly faster and more accurately. {{Lore Link|Senche-Tiger|Senche-tiger}} bone arrows deal extra damage. Trials by Imperial observers have been unable to replicate these alleged effects. Upon hearing this, the Bosmer merely cluckclick their tongues and smile.{{ref|name=CAOV}}
===Art and Architecture===
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