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Much of the game of ''Daggerfall'' relies on successfully surviving through a combat situation. This page will hopefully help you survive longer than you thought possible by providing hints and tips on fighting. Feel free to make suggestions and contributions to this page by contacting the [ WebMaster].
=== '''Fighting Strategies''' ===
7 February 1999
I prefer using the View Interface. This allows one to back up while fighting, which prevents one from being hit at all. What happens is I swing, usually hit the monster, and back up before the monster has a chance to attack. By the time they have caught up to me, I can swing again, back up...etc. Very handy. Just make sure you have enough room (small rooms can prevent this tactic) and don't step off a large drop. (I can see me doing this: "Ah-ha...I have you").
Although poisoned weapons were initially intended they are not present in the game, no matter what you may read or see in the game.
''Original Written in Part by [ Steven Liew]''
=== '''More General Combat Strategies''' ===
7 March 1997
The first thing you want to do is determine whether or not you want to kill the sucker. If you don't have to (or don't want to), let it chase you into a room with a hole. Run around to the other side of it and the idiot will walk and fall right into it! Or position it between you and the hole, take a few whacks at it and it just may go flying back into the hole. Just remember that it'll still be down there when you get to the room it fell into. They don't seem to take any damage from the fall either, or die from drowning if there's water at the bottom of the shaft. Go figure! Also, if you have open and lock spells, run away, close the door and cast the lock spell. Be sure you have either open or recall or you'll be screwed if you want to go back. You CANNOT pick a magically held lock.
Which reminds me. One time I was in a room where there was a mummy and a wereboar in their own cage. I backed away just out of harms reach and PICKED THEIR POCKETS! Yes, you can actually pick a monster's pocket. So now, I go into steal mode and slam the space bar as I'm fighting any monster. My pickpocket skill has skyrocketed. Sure beats training for it or ticking off town guards by going after the peasants.
''Original Text Written by [ Dan Cordeiro]''
=== '''Strategies Against Tough Monsters''' ===
7 March 1997
I have collected a small set of strategies on how to cope with some of the tough spell casting monsters/enemies. Note that the fact that I'm using a standard warrior (level 13) means that I cannot rely too much to spell casting myself, but on the other hand I'm quite good in close combat.
''Run up next to it and start fighting it!''<br>
If all else fails you might try this; with a bit of luck you'll get sufficiently close to it before you are hit by the first area attack spell which often will take out the bug. If not, just start swinging your sword - I think I have killed a dozen ancient liches this way, only losing between a third and half of my health in the initial blast.
''Original text Written by [ Michael Wraa-Hansen]''
=== '''Ancient Lich/Vampire Strategies''' ===
November 1996
I'm sure most of us have had the unfortunate luck of encountering an Ancient Lich or Ancient Vampire in a dark dungeon hall. If one is well prepared, these monsters can pose little threat. If caught off guard however, the encounter can be deadly (most of the time involving your character's death). The following is the best strategy I have evolved so far against these enemies. Please post any improvements you may have.
''Original Text Written by [ Pisimmon]''