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Permissions: Update 3 allowed creation of new ranks
There are four ranks in any guild; Guildmaster, Officer, Member, and Recruit. The ranks can be renamed, thoughand noup to six more can be created. By default the lower ranks have no permissions (except for Officers being able to send invites), but the Guildmaster can assign permissions to each rank. These permissions include resource management and access to the [[#Guild Bank|guild bank]] and [[#Guild Store|store]]. Only the Guildmaster can promote or demote player ranks, and assign permissions to each rank. There can only be one Guildmaster, but someone can be promoted to that position at the cost of the current Guildmaster being demoted.
Disbanding a guild is possible. To do so the Guildmaster must leave the guild before all other members, whereupon the guild will vanish when the last person present leaves. Any items left in the bank will be destroyed. If the Guildmaster becomes inactive and the other Guild members wish to keep the Guild alive, they must contact Customer Support.