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Falmer Shaman
:::I apologize if I was unclear in my edit summary. I didn't revert your edit because I couldn't find any pictures to substantiate whether or not they have wings on their backs (I've looked at the pictures you sent me, and I can see now that they do have wings), I reverted it because it is speculation to assume the wings are related to the wings on a vampire lord. The wings of gargoyles also look similar to the wings of vampire lords, but that doesn't mean the two are related either. From a lore perspective, there's no possible relationship either, since only those infected by a Child of Coldharbor can become vampire lords, and Vyrthur wasn't. The fact that Frozen Falmer have vestigial wings can certainly be added to the article though --[[User:Anil|AN|L]] ([[User talk:Anil|talk]]) 20:08, 10 October 2014 (GMT)
::::No need for apologies; I know you didn't mean to offend and neither was it my intention! I just thought it would be quite bizarre to simply state the unusual modification in the falmer appearance in the respective falmer page without any possible explanation whatsoever. as for vyrthur: whence the dovahkiin is turned by harkon he is described as being "of mixed blood" bei valerica and consequently his appearance in vampire lord form lacks most of the elaborate ornamentation of harkons form; if the potency loss between the vampire generations is that drastic, vyrthur's children could be a degenerated version of the vampire lords if his sire was already past third generation. But I do agree that this is highly speculative - still, I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to note in the falmer article or wherever the final change will be implemented that the shaman's unusual appearance might be in conjunction with their vampirism since no other explanation was given either and that's the only uncommon definite alteration to their physiology we know of.[[User:Shimenawa|Shimenawa]] ([[User talk:Shimenawa|talk]]) 20:33, 10 October 2014 (GMT)