Oblivion Mod:Formid

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ModIndex Zero: One too many numbers in my example.
Modindex zero ('00') is special, since the game engine itself defines certain default objects with modindex zero. You'll see these if you start the construction set without any mods (including Oblivion.esm) loaded. This suggests that Oblivion.esm should always be the first mod to load -- i.e. it should always be dated earlier than any other esm files.
Modindex zero is also used in a plugin (ESP) to indicate that the object is defined in one of the mod's masters (ESM files) and not in the plugin. This is needed because the plugin cannot predict in advance what the modindex will be for each of its masters. For example, if MyMod.esp has masters Oblivion.esm and MyMod.esm, and the player has also installed Foo.esm and Bar.esm, then MyMod.esm could be at index 01, 02, 03, or 0403 depending on where it is compared to Foo.esm and Bar.esm.
=== Formid Fixup ===