Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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==Detailed Walkthrough==
===Man's Best Friend===
[[File:SR-quest-A Daedra's Best Friend 01.jpg|thumb|right|A stray dog outside Falkreath]]
Once you reach the required level, a trip to [[Skyrim:Falkreath|Falkreath]] will net you an encounter with a [[Skyrim:Falkreath Guard|guard]] asking a rather unusual question, namely if you have seen a stray dog running around outside town. Regardless of your answer, he will then point you to local blacksmith, [[Skyrim:Lod|Lod]], who can be found working his smithy during the day. When approached Lod will only show interest in one specific dog, a 'fine, strong creature that's been wandering near town', that he would like for you to catch for him. You can either accept his request to chase down the dog or attempt to persuade him to pay you part of the gold up-front for your efforts. In either case, Lod will give you some [[Skyrim:Food#Fresh Meat|fresh meat]] for bait.
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