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Dremora Lord
A Dremora Lord can be summoned using [[Skyrim:Conjure Dremora Lord|Conjure Dremora Lord]], an Expert level Conjuration spell. The Dremora Lord is a melee fighter equipped with the standard unique Daedric armor, and wields a [[Skyrim:Generic Magic Weapons#of the Inferno|Daedric Greatsword of the Inferno]].
The Dremora Lord has 345 health and 230 stamina. [[Skyrim:Undead#Dragon Priests|Dragon Priests]] cannot take control of conjured Dremora Lords. Furthermore, while the Dremora Lord is technically not an [[Skyrim:Daedra|Atronach]], it is affected by the [[Skyrim:Summoner|Summoner]] and [[Skyrim:Atromancy|Atromancy]] Conjuration perks, although it is '''not''' affected by [[Skyrim:Elemental Potency|Elemental Potency]]. The [[Skyrim:Twin Souls|Twin Souls]] perk also applies to Dremora Lords, making it possible to have both a Dremora Lord and an [[SR:Atronach|atronach]] or [[SR:Thrall|thrall]]., or two Dremora Lords
Unlike other types of Dremora, Dremora Lords cannot be [[SR:Pickpocket|pickpocketed]] for weapons or armor, and they will not drop Daedra Hearts because their bodies disappear upon death. They are also immune to [[SR:Soul Trap (spell)|Soul Trap]].
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