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=== Frost Atronach ===
Frost atronachs are daedricDaedric constructs of solid ice that resemble over-sized humanoids. They have a long melee reach and their attacks usually stagger targets, but they are entirely lacking in ranged options. Still, once caught in melee range of them, their chilling cloak slows targets and prevents easy escape. They can be summoned by the player, and are occasionally used against the player by enemy conjurers. All frost atronachs have the innate capability of [[Skyrim:Waterbreathing|breathing underwater]], which is relevant because they are also the only variant of atronach present in Skyrim that does not hover above the ground. Upon death, unbound frost atronachs will have [[Skyrim:Frost Salts|Frost Salts]] on their remains that can be looted.
[[File:SR-creature-Frost Atronach.jpg|thumb|right|A frost atronach]]
[[File:SR-npc-Dremora_Lord.jpg|thumb|right|A Dremora lord]]
Dremora, like atronachs, hail from the [[Lore:Planes of Oblivion|planes of Oblivion]], but unlike atronachs they possess a malicious sentience and directly serve the [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedric princes]] in their pursuits. These ruthless beings are obsessed with destruction and have their own variants and ranks. They can wear [[Skyrim:Daedric|daedricDaedric armor]], have powerful [[Skyrim:Destruction Spells|fire spells]], wield blazing weapons, and can be among the most difficult of foes to face down. Dremora can be summoned by the player with the [[Skyrim:Conjure Dremora Lord|Conjure Dremora Lord]] spell, and are a component in many quests. All specific information related to Dremora, including their ranks, roles, and stats, is captured in greater detail on the [[Skyrim:Dremora|Dremora page]].