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Dremora are NPCs, so they don't belong in Skyrim-Creatures-Daedra, but they are still Daedra so the trail now indicates that
{{Trail|NPCs|Daedra|nocat=1}}[[File:SR-npc-Dremora.jpg|thumb|Dremora at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon]]
'''Dremora''' are humanoid [[Skyrim:Daedra|Daedra]] aligned with the [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedric Prince]] [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|Mehrunes Dagon]], often very intelligent, and generally hostile. In [[Lore:Dremora|lore]], it is said they can be found in clans of large numbers in the wastes of [[Lore:Oblivion|Oblivion]]. Dremora are grouped into several different castes: Churl, Caitiff, Kynval, Kynreeve, Kynmarcher, Markynaz, and Valkynaz. Dremora are a rare sight in Skyrim, only appearing as summoned creatures and in a few set locations, such as the [[Skyrim:Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon|Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon]], [[Skyrim:Shalidor's Maze|Shalidor's Maze]], and [[Skyrim:Azura's Star Interior|Azura's Star Interior]].