Skyrim:Storm Atronach

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{{Creature Summary
|species=Storm Atronach
|image=SR-creature-Storm Atronach.jpg
|imgdesc=A Storm Atronach
|drops=[[Skyrim:Void Salts|Void Salts]]
'''Storm Atronachs''' are elemental shock [[Skyrim:Daedra|Daedra]]. Their natural manifestation is as a cluster of rocks quickly revolving around an electrified center. Storm Atronachs are generally encountered as hostile enemies (usually summoned by an opposing mage), but you can also summon them to aid in combat.
All Storm Atronachs are members of their own race (FormID <code>000131f7</code>), which has the following traits:
* ''{{LE|Storm Atronach abilities}}'' (FormID <code>0002f3b7</code>): For <dur> seconds, opponents in melee range take 10 points shock damage and magicka damage per second. You may encounter Potent Storm Atronachs at higher levels.
** [[Skyrim:Resist Shock|Resist Shock]] 100%
** Shock Cloak, 10 pts
** [[Skyrim:Waterwalking|Waterwalking]]
* Immune to [[Skyrim:Paralyze (effect)|Paralysis]]
* Cannot be [[Skyrim:Reanimate|Reanimate]]d
* Height: 1
* Weight: 1
===Storm Thrall===
'''Storm Thralls''' are a variant of the Storm Atronach. As members of the same race, they therefore share all of their characteristic racial traits.
One notable difference between Thralls and Atronachs is that Thralls have a special fortified healing ability:
* ''{{LE|Atronach Thrall Healing}}'' ability (FormID: <code>0007e880</code>): [[Skyrim:Regenerate Health|Fortified Healing]] 1 pt
Unique Storm Thralls: [[Skyrim:Pelagius's Storm Thrall|Pelagius's Storm Thrall]]
* Storm Thralls have 50 fewer health points.
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