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Hello! This page is for me to keep myself organized, but feel free to peruse. If you want to talk to me, though, leave a note [[User_talk:RisingDusk|here]]. Cheers! <3
=== Pages I've Revamped ===
[[User:RisingDusk/Sandbox1|Sandbox 1]]
==== Skyrim ====
* [[Skyrim:Enchanting]]
* [[Skyrim:Rune (effect)]]
* [[Skyrim:Unique Items]]
* [[Skyrim:Dwarven Automatons]]
==== Dragonborn ====
* [[Dragonborn:Unique Items]]
=== Sandboxes ===
'''[[User:RisingDusk/Sandbox1|Sandbox #1]]''' (N/A) ● ...
=== Notes ===
=== Artifact Definition ===
This is a point of major contention for me, as artifacts are perhaps the topic that interests me most about the Elder Scrolls lore; the items themselves that traverse the lore matter more to me than anything else. The current definition of an Artifact, insofar as what gets put on the Artifacts page of a specific namespace (ie. [[Morrowind:Artifacts]], [[Oblivion:Artifacts]], [[Skyrim:Artifacts]], [[Dragonborn:Artifacts]]), is as follows: