Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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===Haemar's Shame===
Clavicus Vile obviously suffered the same fate as many other daedric princes, and his shrine is now hidden away in a damp tomb. His worshipers consistsconsist of leveled [[Skyrim:Vampire|vampires]] and, even if they all regret their condition, they will protect their shrine with their lives. The first room offers an enemy guarding the wooden structure and a chest. Barbas will run ahead, so you will likely be on your own. Take the eastern tunnel and beware of the [[Skyrim:Traps#Spike_Wall|spike wall]] trap ahead. The next chamber contains a campfire and a charred [[Skyrim:Creatures#Skeever|skeever]] guarded by two vampires. Dispose of them and investigate the wooden structure for an [[Skyrim:Alchemy Lab|alchemy lab]] and another chest. Take the only available tunnel to a chamber in two levels, with several enemies to fight. Take a detour to the southern chamber for some loot, and examine the table on your way down for the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] skill book ''[[Skyrim:Response to Bero's Speech|Response to Bero's Speech]]'', then pick the northern tunnel and exit Haemar's Cavern.
[[File:SR-quest-A Daedra's Best Friend 02.jpg|thumb|right|Barbas curing vampirism!]]
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