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<font color=#139EAD>&#8675;</font>'''ABOUT'''
Hiya folks! I joined UESPWiki in June 2007 and have been unable to really kick the habit ever since ;). I've recently been on a really long and unplanned hiatus due to a lot of real-life changes, the major result of which is that I now live in Annapolis, Maryland, which is super lovely. My company was nice enough to allow me to work from home, and I get a lot of down time, so I'm really excited to be able to come back here and finish up some projects I had in the works. If I'm not here, you can likely find me logged onto Guild Wars 2 (not ESO, because I'm a one-MMO kind of girl). Drop me a line if you'd like to message me in-game! Things are settling down a bit but there's still a fair bit of chaos from the move, so as always, feel free to email me if I'm not responding on my talk page!
...and my one [[:File:SR-quest-Alduin's Bane 02.jpg|featured image]] [[File:Featured star.png|18px]] :)-->
Head to my [[User talk:Eshe|talk page]] if you have questions about any edits, and I'll do my best to answer! <font color="#5D85B33D93AD">&#8672;</font>[[User:Eshe|<font color="#E8473599876D">eshe</font>]]<sup><small>'''[[User talk:Eshe|<font color="#428F706FCFD1">talk</font>]]'''</small></sup> 
<font color=#1C55A6>&#8675;</font>'''SANDBOXES'''