Skyrim:Unique Items

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| Found during the [[Skyrim:Rings of Blood Magic|Rings of Blood Magic]] quest.
*Only available with the [[Skyrim:Dawnguard|Dawnguard]] [[Skyrim:Official Add-ons|add-on]]
This ring's enchantment is not a multiplier upon your Magicka regeneration rate, but a flat value of 2.00 added to your base Magicka regeneration rate (default 3.00). This makes this ring function like a 2/3 bonus to your Magicka regeneration rate when not coupled with other bonuses. This ring's effect compounds when coupledmixed with normal Magicka regeneration enchantments as follows:
*Normal Magicka Regeneration (100%): (3.00) x 2 = 6.00
*Ring of the Erudite: (3.00 + 2.00) = 5.00