Skyrim:Conjuration Ritual Spell

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*If you cancel the dialogue and sneak behind it, it is possible to pickpocket its weapon with a high enough skill. It carries a random enchanted main weapon and an iron dagger. You may also attack it from behind to weaken it before talking to it and resuming dialogue. But if you kill it without resuming dialogue, you will not be able to summon it again.
*It is possible to defeat the Unbound Dremora and pick up his weapon before he has been banished.
*It is possible to get two Sigil Stones. Once the Sigil Stone has been recieved from the Unbound Dremora, it can be placed in the Atronach Forge. You can then go to Phinis Gestor and 'give' him the stone, when you talk to him again he will thank you and give you the second Sigil Stone and Flame Thrall.
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