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:I guess you have [[Dragonborn:Telvanni_Robes|these]], worn by Ildari. The robes mentioned on this page are the ones worn by Neloth. -- [[User:SarthesArai|<font style="color:#440000">S</font><font style="color:#222222">arthes</font><font style="color:#440000">A</font><font style="color:#222222">rai</font>]] [[User Talk:SarthesArai|<sup style="color:#444444">Talk</sup>]] 21:30, 9 January 2014 (GMT)
== Zah Krii Do Dovahkiin ==
While in the QASmoke room i searched through the weapons chest and found a daedric sword named zah krii do dovahkiin (or something close to that), it had a unique enchantment on it which could only be activated with a shout which was not in the game.
Why is this weapon not in the unobtainable items list?
Can someone please put it on there? I don't really know how to edit tables on this site.
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