Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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* Prior to the quest, a leveled conjurer will inhabit [[Skyrim:Rimerock Burrow|Rimerock Burrow]]. When the quest is started, that conjurer will be renamed Sebastian Lort.
* With the appropriate dialogue choices, Clavicus Vile will begrudgingly admit that without Barbas, he would be no more powerful than the Dragonborn.
* It is possible to keep both the Rueful Axe and the Masque of Clavicus Vile. You must activate the shrine from beside the boss chest and then tell Vile that you will not kill Barbas. Immediately exit the conversation and then use slow time, at this point the camera will still be locked so you cannot turn, but you can run backwards out of the cave. Fast travel to Whiterun and then use slow time again, run into Breezehome. One you are inside there will be a brief moment when you can turn the camera, quickly place the Rueful Axe on the weapon rack to your right. Now you simply have to return to the shrine, when you get close it should come up with quest completed and you will receive the Masque of Clavicus Vile, you can then return to Breezehome to collect the Rueful Axe.
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