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Books in Volikar Keep: new section
:::Oof, this topic is split up enough as it is--please see [[Dragonborn_talk:Dragonborn#Last_of_Telvanni.3F]] for the ongoing discussion. Thanks! <font color="#1E4382">&#8672;</font>[[User:Eshe|<font color="#009E54">eshe</font>]]<sup><small>'''[[User talk:Eshe|<font color="#1E4382">talk</font>]]'''</small></sup> 20:52, 6 November 2012 (GMT)
== Books in Volikar Keep ==
Hey! All of those books are randomly generated from list 2, not static entities. We only include static locations on the lists, which is why they are so small. [[User:Jeancey|Jeancey]] ([[User talk:Jeancey|talk]]) 18:45, 19 May 2014 (GMT)