Skyrim:Ravenscar Hollow

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|occupants=[[Skyrim:Hagraven|Hagraven]], [[Skyrim:Frostbite Spider|Frostbite Spider]], [[Skyrim:Bandit|Bandit]]
|description=A small [[Skyrim:Caves|cave]] inhabited by [[Skyrim:Hagraven|hagravens]] west of the [[Skyrim:Thalmor Embassy|Thalmor Embassy]] and due east of the [[Skyrim:The Steed Stone|Steed Stone]].
|level=Min: 14
}} [[Category:Skyrim-Places-Hagraven_Nests]]
It is found by heading east along the road that passes [[Skyrim:Wolfskull Cave|Wolfskull Cave]] until you reach a couple of piles of rock marking the path to the entrance and following this.
[[File:SR-interior-Ravenscar Hollow.jpg|thumb|right|Ravenscar Hollow interior]]
Kill the hagraven and its familiar in the first room to obtain the [[Skyrim:Ravenscar Hallow Cage Key|Ravenscar Hallow cage key]]. Flip the lever near the hagraven's tent to open a secret wall. Free the imprisoned bandit using the hagraven's key or your [[Skyrim:Lockpicking|lockpicking]] skills if you didn't pick it up. He will help you fight the remaining two hagravens before turning on you.
There are some [[Skyrim:Potions|potions]] and [[Skyrim:Gems|gems]] on the table as you enter the secret passage. Dead [[Skyrim:Bandit|bandits]] and a dead [[Skyrim:Spriggan|spriggan]] are located just past the first two cages. In the northwest part of the room, a copy of the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:The Art of War Magic|The Art of War Magic]]'' can be found on a table next to a chest. A third dead body can be found in a locked cage past the chest, at the far end of the room.
== ''{{LE|Ravenscar Hollow}}'' ==
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[[File:SR-interior-Ravenscar Hollow.jpg|thumb|right|Ravenscar Hollow interior]]There are several [[Skyrim:Blue Mountain Flower|blue mountain flowers]] and a [[Skyrim:Purple Mountain Flower|purple mountain flower]] around the piles of rocks marking the path, with several [[Skyrim:Spiky Grass|grass]] plants and a tree stump with a [[Skyrim:Mora Tapinella|mora tapinella]] fungus growing on it along the path. As you near the entrance there is a leveled [[Skyrim:Animals|animal]] guarding the entrance and a waterfall just to the right that forms a stream across the path, outside of the entrance there are the typical sharpened stakes, human bones and goat's and skeever's heads on stakes found near hagraven dwellings.
== Related Quests ==
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Upon entering there is a darkened tunnel, after a few paces there is a pool of water on the left-hand side of the cave and in front hanging from the ceiling are a couple of [[Skyrim:Bone Chimes|bone chimes]]. There is nothing of interest in the water. The path follows the shore along the west wall of the cave. To the southeast there is a raised ledge with stakes along the side Just past the bone chimes that are hanging down, there is another stretched across the path. A short way past this there is an [[Skyrim:Iron Ore Vein|iron ore vein]] against the west wall. The path continues around the water before pass behind a rock pillar and turning to the north, here there are steps up to the raised section where a [[Skyrim:Hagraven|hagraven]] and a leveled [[Skyrim:Frostbite Spider|frostbite spider]]. The hagraven has a copy of the [[Skyrim:Ravenscar Hallow Cage Key|Ravenscar Hallow cage key]] in her possession. There is a hagraven tent at the rear of the raised section with a dead [[Skyrim:Skeever|skeever]] in front of it and a lever in the eastern corner that opens a hidden door to the left of it.
Beyond the hidden door is another room with a long wooden table immediately on the right with a [[Skyrim:Potion of Minor Healing|potion of minor healing]], a random [[Skyrim:Potions|potion]], a [[Skyrim:Ruined Book|ruined book]], a [[Skyrim:Ruby|ruby]], an [[Skyrim:Amethyst|amethyst]] and a [[Skyrim:Garnet|garnet]] on top and a second potion of minor healing on the ground in front of it. To the northeast is a [[Skyrim:Bandit|bandit]] that is locked in an adept locked cage, they will spot you as soon as you enter the room and repeatedly ask you to let him out and offer to help you "slaughter the rest of the crows". There is a second empty cage beside the first and against the north wall there are two dead bandits and a dead [[Skyrim:Spriggan|spriggan]]. To the west is a ramp leading up to raised area with another tent on top, while to the northwest is a lower area with a couple more cages. There is a hagraven on both the lower and upper sections. Once these are both taken care off, if you released the bandit he will turn on you and demand everything you have, they aren't a serious threat as they are naked and armed only with their "lucky [[Skyrim:Dagger|dagger]]".
On the lower level there is an unlocked [[Skyrim:Chest|chest]] next to a long wooden table with a random [[Skyrim:Poisons|poison]] and a copy of the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:The Art of War Magic|The Art of War Magic]]'' on top. In the southwestern corner there is another adept locked cage, that is opened using the same key as the first cage, containing a dead bandit and two potions of minor healing. There is another empty cage to the right of this and a [[Skyrim:Corundum Ore Vein|corundum ore vein]] on the ground against the north wall. On the upper section the tent is empty--(see [[#Bugs|bugs]]). Behind the tent is the last hagraven and also a balcony overlooking the pool of water in the first room, that can be used as a shortcut back to the exit.
== Notes ==
* If you want to sneak up on the first hagraven, watch out for the hanging and ground rattles.
* If you are noisy while defeating the first hagraven, it will alert the others in the room behind the secret door. They will likely be attacking the imprisoned bandit.
* Before entering Ravenscar Hollow there is an [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|iron ore]] vein located to the left of the cave entrance alongon the opposite side of the inlet by the shore.
* The [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|iron ore]] vein is located next to the lake in the first room, just before the slope leading up to the hagraven.
* There is a [[Skyrim:Corundum Ore|corundum ore]] vein located in the back room. It is behind the master chest near the cages with the dead bandit.
== Bugs ==
{{Bug|It is possible to get stuck in the tent on the upper level.|vn=1}}
**You can free yourself with a lot of wiggling, turning sideways may help.