Shivering:The Coming Storm

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{{Bug|If you give Fimmion two sweetrolls at the same time (one for this quest and one for the quest [[Shivering:Falling Awake|Falling Awake]]), he may not give you the Calming Pants. If you give him three sweetrolls, you might receive two pairs of the pants. Unfortunately, Ahjazda will not accept either pair and you will not be able to complete the quest.|USIP}}
**{{pc22}} The [[Oblivion:Console|Console]] code <code>SetQuestObject 00078727 0</code> will allow you to drop one pair and finish the quest using the other.
{{Bug|Fimmion gives you the Calming Pants but the same dialog comes back up like you never got them and he gives you another pair.|confirmed=USIP|1.0.0}}
{{Bug|The Milchar, Chatterhall torches around the urn will already be lit due to a bug so it makes it appear that lighting the braziers won't make any difference, but it should work anyway if the braziers are lit quickly enough.|USIP}}
**{{pc22}}PC players can bypass any problems with this section of the quest by using the [[Oblivion:Console|Console]] to add the [[Shivering:Amulet of Disintegration|Amulet of Disintegration]] to their inventory with this command: <code>player.additem 0007872e 1</code>.