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Since the majority of the [[Daggerfall:Iliac Bay|Iliac Bay]] is just open waste landscape with almost nothing of interest, most players will likely travel exclusively by using the Fast-Travel menu. Numerous options can be used for fast traveling and most times the way the player travels will depend on his schedule.
However there are a couple of things that can be said about travellng in general:
*It is not really necessary to travel cautiously to onesone's destinations unless one is a vampire. The only difference between traveling cautiously and recklessly is, one will always arrive during the day hours, vampires always during the night hours, at ones destination with fully restored health, magicka and stamina. However by exploiting the Fast-Travel loophole (see [[#Fast-Travel Loophole|further below]] this can be accomplished after traveling recklessly as well.
*Traveling recklessly takes at most half the time that is needed when traveling cautiously. Therefore this should be the preferred way of traveling when doing quests.
*Vampires always need about twice the time, compared to a non-vampire, to reach their destinations, regardless how they travel.
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