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** The total damage you can take before dying
** Represented by a red bar at the bottom center of the screen
** Regenerates 0.70% of your maximum health each second outside of combat and 0.49% inside combat {{VN}}
* '''[[Online:Magicka|Magicka]]'''
** The magical energy used to cast spells
** Represented by a blue bar at the bottom left of the screen
** Regenerates 3.00% of your maximum magicka each second outside of combat and 0.99% inside combat{{VN}}
* '''[[Online:Stamina|Stamina]]'''
** Your physical energy, used for sprinting and making power attacks (among other things)
** Represented by a green bar at the bottom right of the screen
** Regenerates 5.00% of your maximum stamina each second outside of combat and 1.75% inside combat{{VN}}
Each time you level up, you can choose to increase one attribute by ten points. You can choose to increase attributes at a later time.
== Notes ==
* The system of attributes used in The Elder Scrolls Online is almost identical to that of Skyrim
* The regeneration rate of the three attributes is a percentage of your maximum health, magicka or stamina. This means that the amount of health, magicka or stamina that you regenerate per second becomes larger as you increase an attribute. This means boosts to the attribute and fortify attribute regeneration should be equally weighted for maximum absolute rate of regeneration.