Skyrim:Permanent Items

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Persistent items are of two distinct types:</br>
Type 1 - '''Permanent (fully)'''
#keep their RefID number, when dropped into the world
#remain in respawning containers
#do not lose any of above traits when dropped into the world
Type 2 - '''Permanent (Partially)until Persistentdropped)'''
#may keep or lose their RefID number, when dropped into the world
#remain in respawning containers
#lose any or all of the above traits when first dropped into the world.
==Sources of persistentpermamnent items==
PermanentFor qualities ofsome items permanent qualities are caused by those items filling an alias in game's quest system.
Thus, all quest items are permanent, until their quest is finished and they are removed from alias by quest system.
Unfortunately, most of such items can not be placed into most containers (except those related to the same quest), and are of limited use.</br>
Some quest-related items are droppable and are never removed from alias, usually because they are related to infinitely running (and in most times hidden from player) quest. Such items are fully permanent.
When a quest item is removed from alias (usually after its quest ends), it is no longer a fully permanent item. However it may becomestay partiallypermanent persistentuntil dropped. Also some items existing at the beginning of the game are partiallypermanent until persistentdropped. Furthermore, sometimes seemingly common items gain partiallypermanent (until persistentdropped) properties due to undefined circumstances</br>
==Identifying persistentpermanent items==
#Executing "sv" console command with the reference of the item selected. If it shows that it has an alias - the item is permanent (at least until its quest is running);
#Placing an item onto a non-respawning corpse and leaving its area for an extended period of time, if the corpse persists, then the item is probably persistent (unless "sv" command on the corpse reveals the corpse to have an alias, in which case the corpse persists on its own.)
#Selling the item to a vendor, and returning after the merchant chest respawns. If the item you sold is still there, despite everything else being new, the item is probably persistentpermanent. This is a particularly useful method, since merchant chests respawn much faster than other containers or corpses.
#If there is one permanent item in a stack of like items, it will prevent all items of the stack from refreshing when their container refreshes. This makes finding out what exact item in a stack is permanent somewhat tedious, because you must sell it one-by-one to the vendor and refresh his inventory each time.
==List of permanent and persistent items==
The following items were found to be fully permanent:
#[[Skyrim:Aetherial_Crown|Aetherial Crown]];
#[[Skyrim:Ebony Blade|Ebony Blade]] - at least until fully upgraded
The following items were found to be (partially)permanent persistentuntil dropped:
#''[[Skyrim:Letter_from_a_Friend|Letter from a Friend]]'' - all instances, at least until all possible locations with Word Walls are visited
#''[[Skyrim:The Aetherium Wars|The Aetherium Wars]]'' - Only the first copy, obtained by the player before or during associated quest.
#[[Skyrim:Klimmek's Supplies|Klimmek's Supplies]]
#[[Skyrim:Specialty_Gear#Guard Equipment|Whiterun guard's armor, shield, helmet, gloves and boots]] looted from [[Skyrim:Mirmulnir|Mirmulnir]]
More suspected items are listed at talk page.
==Losing permanent properties==
Obviously, fully "permanent" items never lose this status. "Permanent until dropped" lose it when dropped into the world, placed on weapon plaque, and sometimes if they are forcibly removed from the player and then returned (such as in Diplomatic Immunity quest).