Skyrim:The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks)

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{{Bug|If you have both "The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks)" and "Season Unending" active at the same time, you cannot advance through Season Unending with the crown in your inventory. Once you sit in the chair to negotiate a peace treaty, nothing happens.On the PS3, this is a gamebreaking glitch, as Ulfric will not accept the crown once he has agreed to attend the council meeting, which ends any chance of capturing in the dragon in Dragonsreach.|vn=1}}.
{{Bug|Starting "Season Unending" after finishing "Joining the Stormcloaks" would prevent The Jagged Crown from starting properly.|OSP|1.4}}
{{Bug|If the Jagged Crown is in your inventory when you do [[Skyrim:No_One_Escapes_Cidhna_MineNo One Escapes Cidhna Mine|No One Escapes Cidhna Mine]], you will not get the Jagged Crown back.|confirmed=1}}
** A way of avoiding this is to add the Jagged Crown to your "favorites" prior to entering the [[Skyrim:Shrine of Talos|Shrine of Talos]]. Not only does this enable you to wear it while in the mine, but also during the escape.
{{Bug|It is possible to keep the Jagged Crown and still complete the quest. Before leaving Korvanjund with the Crown, reverse-pickpocket it onto Ralof. This is possible even though the Crown is marked as a quest item, and may succeed even if you have a 0% chance of success. Once you have completed the quest, you can pickpocket it back from Hadvar or Ralof afterwards.|confirmed=1}}
{{Bug|It is possible for Galmar to get stuck in the final room of the dungeon, repeatedly telling you to take the crown back to Ulfric. This does not immediately have any repercussions, but it will prevent Galmar from being in Ulfric's office when you return Ulfric's axe in [[Skyrim:Message to Whiterun (Stormcloaks)|Message to Whiterun]]; without him there, Ulfric cannot give the order to march on Whiterun, preventing progression in the Civil War questline|confirmed=1}}.