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Bugs: Removed one duplicate bug. The well rested bonus issue is the same thing that allowed stewards and bards to sleep in your bed.
{{Bug|Crafting items, such as [[Skyrim:Glass (item)|glass]], [[Skyrim:Goat_Horns|goat horns]], and [[Skyrim:Straw|straw]], may disappear from general merchants' inventory completely.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|The containers in the houses will not show stolen items in red, like all other containers. The only way to tell if an item in a container is stolen is to take it. It will show the usual marker in the inventory menu.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Your stewards, housecarls, followers, and children may all prefer to sleep in your master bed, leaving your spouse to sleep in the kids' room.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Even if you have a pickaxe in your inventory, you may be unable to interact with the stone quarry or clay deposit.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Some NPCs may not display their clothing.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}