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Killing Tsun with ranged attack
Confirming that Tsun can be sneak/ranged without talking to him at all or even approaching him. I snuck to the top of the steps to get a clear view of him, then one-shot him with an Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow with 35 Frost Damage and 35 Shock Damage enchantments and Exploding Fire Bolts. Due to my maxed-out Archery skills & perks plus 10 Fortify Archery armor enchantments for +45% Bow Damage each (not sure if those stack additively to give +450% damage or not, but it doesn't really matter since I'm able to one-shot everything except some dragons), the base damage of my crossbow is shown as 914, plus 35 Frost and 35 Shock damage for a total of 984 damage, and the bolts are shown as 14 Bolt Damage plus 15 Fire Damage for a total of 29 total damage. I also have the Deadly Aim perk in the Sneak skill tree, which gives triple damage with bows while sneaking, and I was sneaking when I one-shot Tsun.
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