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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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| {{Linkable Entry|Torch}}<br>{{ID|0002CF9F}} || 0 || 0 || Provides light in dark places.
* Lasts for 1000 seconds before going out on its own. The duration is cumulative so you can use the torch for a while and put it away yourself and then use it again and again until the 1000 seconds are used up.
* Will be extinguished if you go under waterunderwater unless a [[Oblivion:Water Walking|Water Walking]] effect is active.
* You cannot carry a torch and a shield or two-handed weapon at once.
5 bear pelts are for sale at each of these stores:
* [[Oblivion:Fire and Steel|Fire and Steel]] and [[Oblivion:Northern Goods and Trade|Northern Goods and Trade]] in [[Oblivion:Chorrol|Chorrol]].
* [[Oblivion:Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise|Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise]] , [[Oblivion:Three Brothers Trade Goods|Three Brothers Trade Goods]] , and [[Oblivion:The Copious Coinpurse|The Copious Coinpurse]] in [[Oblivion:Market District|Imperial City's Market District]].
* [[Oblivion:Lelles' Quality Merchandise|Lelles' Quality Merchandise]] in [[Oblivion:Anvil|Anvil]]
* [[Oblivion:The Fair Deal|The Fair Deal]] in [[Oblivion:Bravil|Bravil]]
| {{Linkable Entry|Newheim's Heirloom}}<br>{{ID|00002E90}} || 0 || 0 || Target of the Fighters Guild quest [[Oblivion:Newheim's Flagon|Newheim's Flagon]]. It can be dropped even though it's a quest item.
NOTE: Newheim's Heirloom can be dropped even though its a quest item.
| {{Linkable Entry|Oaken-Hall Heirloom}}<br>{{ID|000CBD41}} || 1.0 || 0 || Found in the basement of [[Oblivion:Gweden_Farm|Gweden Farm]] during [[Oblivion:The Siren's Deception|The Siren's Deception]] quest in Anvil. Belongs to [[Oblivion:Heinrich Oaken-Hull|Heinrich Oaken-Hull]], but he won't take it back.
| {{Linkable Entry|Sands of Resolve}}<br>{{ID|0002FB3F}} || 0 || 5 || Pick-pocketedPickpocketed from the Half-Lichnecromancer [[Oblivion:Celedaen|Celedaen]] in order to kill him in the [[Oblivion:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] quest [[Oblivion:Affairs of a Wizard|Affairs of a Wizard]].
| {{Linkable Entry|Wedding Gift}}<br>{{ID|000CBD43}} || 2.0 || 3 || Found in the basement of [[Oblivion:Gweden_Farm|Gweden Farm]] during the [[Oblivion:The Siren's Deception|Siren's Deception]] quest in Anvil. It's not clear who it belongs to, so you can't return it.
|[[File:OB-ing-Ogre Teeth.png|48px]]
| {{icon|m|BloodPotion}}
| {{Linkable Entry|Blood Potion}} || {{ID|001192AE}} || 0 || 0 || Found on the ground in [[Oblivion:Random Oblivion World 6|Random Oblivion World 6]]. Despite being called a potion, you cannot drink it or use it in any way. In particular, vampires can '''not''' use Blood Potions for [[Oblivion:Vampirism#Feeding|feeding]]; vials of [[Oblivion:Human Blood|Human Blood]] cannot be used for feeding, either.
| {{icon|m|Bone1|24}}{{icon|m|Bone1|24}}<br>{{icon|m|Bone2|24}}{{icon|m|Bone3|24}}

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