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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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| {{icon|m|BearPelt}}
| {{Linkable Entry|Bear Pelt}}<br> {{ID|000228E3}} || 8.0 || 30 || Found on bears.
* 20 needed if you are [[Oblivion:Expelled from the Fighters Guild|Expelled from the Fighters Guild]].
* 20 are needed to receive [[Oblivion:Destruction Training|Destruction Master Training]].
* One (or a wolf pelt) is needed for [[Oblivion:Hircine|Hircine]]'s quest.
* A bear pelt is needed for a statue in [[Oblivion:Fighter's Stronghold|Battlehorn Castle]].
5 bear pelts are for sale at each of thethese stores:
* [[Oblivion:Fire and Steel|Fire and Steel]] and [[Oblivion:Northern Goods and Trade|Northern Goods and Trade]] in [[Oblivion:Chorrol|Chorrol]].
* [[Oblivion:Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise|Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise]] , [[Oblivion:Three Brothers Trade Goods|Three Brothers Trade Goods]] , [[Oblivion:The Copious Coinpurse|The Copious Coinpurse]] in [[Oblivion:Market District|Imperial City's Market District]].

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