Eye of Argonia

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! Setting
| [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]]
'''The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Eye of Argonia''' was a planned sequel to [[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]. Like its predecessor, it was an action-adventure game with few of the role-playing elements of other [[General:Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]] games. In response to Redguard's poor sales, it was planned to be released on the [[wikipedia:PlayStation 2|PlayStation 2]] and other consoles, rather than PC. The game seemingly never made it past conception, with work resuming on [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]] instead. <noinclude>The name would imply that the game would have taken place in [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]] (a.k.a. [[Lore:Argonia|Argonia]]). Only the title graphic was ever released, with sub-text in [[Lore:Daedric Alphabet|Daedric lettering]] which reads, ''"AND A HERO FROM HAEROT WILL SAVE THEM"''.
In Redguard, a [[Redguard:Cyrus|Cyrus]] discusses the Eye of Argonia briefly with [[Redguard:Tobias|Tobias]] and [[Redguard:Dreekius|Dreekius]]. Described by Dreekius as the "priceless King's jewel of ancient Black Marsh", it is a treasure sought by both Tobias and Cyrus. Since the game's cancelation, it has appeared briefly as an Easter egg in subsequent games. In Morrowind, the book [[Lore:Ruins of Kemel-Ze|''Ruins of Kemel-Ze'']] mentions the Eye, where the author, archaeologist [[Lore:Books by Author#Rolard Nordssen|Rolard Nordssen]] dreams of recovering it. In [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]], one of Morrowind's two expansions, the Eye is mentioned in dialogue with [[Tribunal:Trels Varis|Trels Varis]] upon entering his secret office.</noinclude>