Oblivion:A Less Rude Song

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|loc=*[[Oblivion:Mach-Na's Books|Mach-Na's Books]] in [[Oblivion:Cheydinhal|Cheydinhal]]
*In [[Oblivion:Bruma Mages Guild|Bruma Mages Guild]] (before starting the quest "[[Oblivion:A Plot Revealed|A Plot Revealed]]")
*In [[Oblivion:Jeetum-Ze|Jeetum-Ze]]'s room on the second floor of "[[Oblivion:Blackwood Company|Blackwood Company]] Hall" in [[Oblivion:Leyawiin|Leyawiin]]
*[[Shivering:Bruscus Dannus' House|Bruscus Dannus' House]] in [[Shivering:Highcross|Highcross]]{{SI}}
*[[Shivering:Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Dementia)|Horkvir Bear-Arm's House]] in Dementia half of [[Shivering:Split|Split]]{{SI}}