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Skyrim:Glenmoril Coven

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==Zone 1: ''{{LE|Glenmoril Cave}}''==
[[File:SR-interior-Glenmoril_Coven_01.jpg|thumb|right|Which tunnel to choose first?]]
After entering, there is a novice-locked chest, which is in an alcove straight ahead where the tunnel first turns to the right. There are twothree enemies in the large chamber nearby. A [[Skyrim:Hag|hag]] patrols near the campfire in the middle, butand there is a leveled creature to the right, hiding in the darkness. At lower levels thereThere is an additional weak creature by the western tunnel on the upper level. The only nearby lootThere is twoa goat hides:hide onenext onto the central pillar and oneanother byjust to the north. directly southwest of the fire is a coin purse, a basket holding three ingredients, a pair of ragged robes next to some harvestable Bleeding Crown, and two skulls to go with the two nearby backrib wallcages. There are ramps leading upwards on either side, and four tunnels leading out from the center room: two on the lower level and two on the higher level.
===Lower North Tunnel===
===Upper North Tunnel===
The tunnel to the north on the upper level leads to a medium room. After following the tunnel, turn left to go around the ragged fence. There is a frostbite spidercreature at this point and a hag further on, near an arcane enchanter. On the table with the enchanter is a dead [[Skyrim:Goat|goat]], a goat's head, a bowl of [[Skyrim:Troll Fat|troll fat]], and a copy of the [[Skyrim:Enchanting|Enchanting]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:A Tragedy in Black|A Tragedy in Black]]''.
===Upper West Tunnel===

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