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Skyrim:Glenmoril Coven

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Before the western tunnel on the upper level, there is a [[Skyrim:Namira's Rot|namira's rot]] plant on the left and another on the right inside the tunnel. There is also an [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|iron ore]] vein in the tunnel, on the left hand wall after turning the corner by the brazier. There is a leveled creature to the right of the entrance to the large chamber and a hag on the far side, to the left. There is another namira's rot and a [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] to the right of the entrance. There are two [[Skyrim:Slaughterfish Egg|slaughterfish eggs]] and three [[Skyrim:Slaughterfish Scales|slaughterfish scales]] in a box located to the left and on a lower section before the area where the hag was.
There is a weak stamina poison, a leveled stamina potion, and a [[Skyrim:Nightshade|nightshade]] plant by the bloodied altar, along with a chest on the other side of the tent. Inside the tent there are two barrels and a copy of the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] skill book ''[[Skyrim:Horror of Castle Xyr|Horror of Castle Xyr]]''. There are also two more slaughterfish eggs and three more slaughterfish scales inside the box under the book. There are three [[Skyrim:White Cap|white cap]] plants and a [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] plant around the pillar to the south.

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