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Skyrim: Pretty sure Skyrim was released...
''Skyrim'' released on the 11<sup>th</sup> of November 2011 (8/12/11 for Japan), on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and kept to roughly the same size of it's predecessor ''Oblivion''. ''Skyrim'' ran on Bethesda's own graphics and gameplay engine: Creation Engine. ''Skyrim'' reportedly cleared more than five times the sales figures of ''Oblivion''. [[Lore:Mysticism (skill)|Mysticism]] was removed from the game, and it's spells reassigned elsewhere in the other magic schools, [[Skyrim:carriage|carriage]]s were added as a fast-travel option and enchanting was re-added as a skill. Crossbows and spears where re-added later on by ''Dawnguard'' and ''Dragonborn'' respectively, thought spears are only usable by the players as arrows.
There was an announcement for the fifth Elder Scrolls game on December 11, 2010 on the [[wikipedia:Spike_Video_Game_Awards|Spike VGA]] show.
''Skyrim'' won many awards, including "PC Game of the Year" from IGN and GameSpot. More than four accolades of "RPG of the Year", and more than eight accolades of "Overall Game of the Year".
<!-- I could find 9 "Overall Game of the Year" and 5 "RPG of the Year" in a google search, with only IGN and GameSpot giving "PC Game of the Year", these were the awards WP mentioned, so where the only ones I noted. -->
After ''Skyrim'' was released three larger add-ons were released: ''[[Skyrim:Dawnguard|Dawnguard]]'', ''[[Skyrim:Hearthfire|Hearthfire]]'', and ''[[Dragonborn:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]]''. ''Dragonborn'' was [ confirmed] to be the last add-on for ''Skyrim''.
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