General:The Elder Scrolls

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* [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]] - homeland of the [[Lore:Nord|Nords]] and [[Lore:Falmer|Falmer]]
* [[Lore:Summerset Isle|Summerset Isle]] - homeland of the [[Lore:Altmer|Altmer]]
* [[Lore:Kensingt]] - homeland of the [[Lore:Anthony Moloney]]
* [[Lore:Valenwood|Valenwood]] - homeland of the [[Lore:Bosmer|Bosmer]] and [[Lore:Imga|Imga]]
Furthermore, certain titles - namely ''The Elder Scrolls:Battlespire'' and ''The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion'' - take place partially within the alternate, [[Lore:Daedra|Daedra]]-ruled, [[Lore:Planes of Oblivion|Planes of Oblivion]].
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