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Classifying Ghosts
:::There might be some distinction between 'people' ghosts and 'creature' ghosts in the game data. Possibly having to do with whether they can talk to you, or some other keyword thing. [[User:Jeancey|Jeancey]] ([[User talk:Jeancey|talk]]) 23:17, 5 April 2013 (GMT)
::::Not sure if its relevant to this discussion, but evidently Bethesda doesn't consider ghosts to be "undead". One of the loading screens, which doesn't appear to be listed on the [[Skyrim:Loading Screens|loading screens]] page, says "Silver weapons are especially effective against ghosts, the undead, and werewolves." --[[User:Xyzzy|Xyzzy]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Xyzzy|Talk]]</small></sup> 04:55, 8 April 2013 (GMT)
{{od}}Well, there is the ghost flag in the game data, that is totally unrelated. It is in the protected/essential/invulnerable/ghost category (NPCs with ghost flag can't be targeted at all). This page defines undead as being detected by the detect dead spell. That is the case if the race has the ActorTypeUndead keyword. Several of those ghosts are not undead by that definition - mostly those we classified as NPC. Other ghosts have a race of Draugr and are really undead. What all those ghosts seem to have in common in the game data, is a spell called Ghost_Abilities, but that's it. But from what I see, the undead parameter in the NPC_Summary box is used inconsistently on the articles for those ghosts. Fix that according to whether detect dead will detect them?
Another thing, seeing a bit of confusion about the NPC/creature thing here - we would really need to document somewhere how we decided such things if they are not obvious. Since Skyrim there are only NPC_ records, not NPC_ and CREA records like in Oblivion. The distinction was made by race, if the race has the ActorTypeCreature keyword, it was classified as creature (this should coincidence with whether a black soulgem is needed). Subsequently we had to add to the creature summary a lot of NPC stuff, maybe using the NPC summary for all and have a creature=1 paramater would have been better. But I disgress. --[[User:Alfwyn|Alfwyn]] ([[User talk:Alfwyn|talk]]) 23:46, 7 January 2014 (GMT)