Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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==Time Limit==
==Reputation and Quests==
Most quests, except for some of the [[Daggerfall:Main Quest|Main Quest]] give the player a set amount of time, he must not overrun, to complete a quest to the questgiver's satisfaction. Therefore the way the player is [[Daggerfall:Traveling|traveling]] to his destinations must be considered, when he embarks on a quest. If a quest's time limit has expired and the player has not completed the quest to the questgiver's satisfaction, it counts as a failure and will result in the lose of a certain amount of [[Daggerfall:Reputation|Reputation]] with the questgiver's faction and, depending on the quest, with certain other groups as well. Any object related to a quest (item, random NPC, etc.) will be gone from the game world after it's related quest is over.
==Reputation and Quests==
When a character engages in a quest for any faction, reputation with that faction is impacted. What is less obvious is the impact various quests might have on reputation with other factions. Noble quests, for example, often involve smuggling, which adversely affects reputation with the Thieves Guild.
* '''Non-member Quests''': Temples, the Fighters and Mages Guild as well as Knightly Orders offer non-member quests. Covens are not open to joining by characters, so their quests may be considered non-member quests in most ways.
==Dungeon Crawls==
Traps are rather infrequent in dungeons; most involve walking over part of a corridor or activating certain dressing elements.
===Attacking Quest Targets===
Some quests requiring you to kill or capture an enemy have certain triggers which require you to damage a target without killing it in order to complete the objective. Stronger characters may have difficulty completing these tasks, as they may kill the target with a single hit, preventing the triggers from occurring and making the quest impossible to complete. It may be useful to carry around a weaker weapon in such cases to avoid killing a target before the triggers are completed.
==Quest Items==
As of patch 175 any item related to a quest has a green background in the inventory menu, so it can be distinguished from other items of the same type. Only this specific item can be used to complete the quest it is related to. Any other item of the same type can not be used to complete the quest.
As it is the case with other quest related objects, any quest item will disappear once the quest is over and it has not been used or handed over to it's acceptor.
There are however two means which can be used to gain some profit from quest items that are no longer needed:
#They can be sold if the quest is still active.
#Any item dropped to the ground will create a small treasure pile. Even when the quest is over and the item has disappeared from the treasure pile, the treasure pile will still be there and will contain some random loot, sometimes quite valuable loot, which can be taken.
==Finding People==
* Quests that involve dungeon crawling are easily the longest, but provide the greatest opportunity for rewards and skill advancement.
* The Fighters Guild quests to kill [[Daggerfall:Pack of Giants|giants]] or [[Daggerfall:Hunt for Harpies|harpies]] in dungeons can be finished quickly by resting near the entrance and killing the monsters that interrupt the resting process.
* [[Daggerfall:The Mummy's Finger|Some quests]] require you to drop a quest item in a certain location. Due to a bug, the quest items will disappear from the drop location once the quest is complete, but the treasure pile created where the item was dropped will remain, and each quest item in the pile will be replaced by another random item, which can often be quite valuable.