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<font color=#139EAD>&#8675;</font>'''ABOUT'''
Hiya folks! I joined UESPWiki in June 2007 and have been unable to really kick the habit ever since ;). I live in the Chicago suburbs with my awesome boyfriendarea, and where I work as a lowly eMarketing web marketing QA lackey for a textbook publisher near the cityAnalyst (read: biding my time until I can afford to go back to school). Most My job keeps me pretty busy these days it's so boring and I would rather eat spend most of my own brain between two pieces of breadfree time in Guild Wars 2 (''bad'' admin!), but it pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble ;)I stop by from time to time to check on everyone <3. You can always feel free to drop me an email if I'm also in the process of going back to school for not responding on my RN/BSN (yaytalk page!).