Skyrim:Notched Pickaxe

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<noinclude>{{Trail|Items|Unique Items}} [[Category:Skyrim-Weapons-War Axes]]</noinclude>{{Artifact Summary
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|PageName=Notched Pickaxe
|ArtifactType=Unique Item
|Tempering=[[Skyrim:Iron Ingot|Iron Ingot]]
|Enchant=''Raises the wielder's Smithing abilities, and does 5 shock damage to enemies on hit:''
* [[Skyrim:Smithing Expertise|Smithing Expertise]], 5 pts
|Type=[[Skyrim:One-handed|One-handed]] [[Skyrim:War Axe|War Axe]]
|image=SR-item-Notched Pickaxe.jpg
|imgdesc=Notched Pickaxe
}}[[File:SR-place-Throat of the World 03.jpg|thumb|right|The Notched Pickaxe at the Throat of the World]]
The [[Skyrim:Notched Pickaxe|Notched Pickaxe]] is a special [[Skyrim:Pickaxe|pickaxe]] found stuck into the peak of the [[Skyrim:Throat of the World|Throat of the World]]. It has the unique enchantment [[Skyrim:Smithing Expertise|Smithing Expertise]], which boosts the [[Skyrim:Smithing|Smithing]] skill while it equipped, and does five points of [[Skyrim:Shock Damage|shock damage]] when it is used as a weapon. [[Skyrim:Grindstone|Tempering]] the Notched Pickaxe requires an [[Skyrim:Iron Ingot|iron ingot]] and the [[Skyrim:Arcane Blacksmith|Arcane Blacksmith]] perk.
<includeonly>For more information, see the [[Skyrim:Notched Pickaxe|Notched Pickaxe]] article.</includeonly>
*Strangely, the editor ID for this item is "dunVolunruudPickaxe", suggesting it originally had some connection to [[Skyrim:Volunruud|Volunruud]].