Skyrim:The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks)

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Once in Korvanjund Halls, you will find a dead Imperial lying next to a dead draugr and a few living Imperials. As you move through, you will notice a few more dead draugr. To your left, there will be a swinging blade trap with a chest behind it. Once you get past the blades, there is a lever on the floor to the left of them that lets you turn them off.
Once you go down the stairs, Galmar and the men will remark on the room you find yourself in, calling it "The Hall of Stories" and giving you some background on it. Proceed to the end, where there are two dead Imperials and a [[Skyrim:Traps#Puzzle Door|puzzle door]]. Near one of the dead Imperial's hands is the [[Skyrim:Ebony Claw|Ebony Claw]], which has the proper combination of seals engraved on it. You have to examine it in your inventory to find the proper combination: '''Fox—Moth—Dragon'''. Galmar will say that he will examine the walls to find the way through and tell you to look for a way as well. Pick up the claw, put the seals in the right combination, and then open the door.
Galmar will congratulate you, then go through the door and follow the tunnel to the next room. This room has a locked gate blocking your way, and Galmar will ask you to look for some way to open it. Look for a doorway with some stairs in it. At the top of the stairs, you will see a table to your right; there is a dagger on it. Moving the dagger causes a secret entrance to appear on the wall. In the revealed cave, there is a trapped chest. Back in the room, follow the catwalks past a wood plank bridge; there is another chest at the end of this passage. Turning around from the chest, as you leave the little alcove the chest is in, you will see a burial urn to your right. Just to the left and above the urn, there is a small handle on the rocky wall. Pulling the handle will cause draugr to rise from their coffins on the lower floor, where the rest of the Stormcloaks are.