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i've experienced wolf attacks before without the UHFP installed
{{Bug|When firing your bard they may not leave but stop playing and hang around your house.|UHFP|1.1.1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Objects in some rooms may fail to render at certain camera angles if you have built a large percentage of the improvements for that room. They're still there, but just invisible.|UHFP|1.1.2|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Wolf attacks domay not not work properly due to missing property settings in the game data.|UHFP|2.0.0|}}
{{Bug|When placing items in rooms, sometimes items that you've already created appear available on the workbench, and you can attempt to remake them (taking resources to do so), but will get nothing new.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
** Exiting the menu may resolve this.