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Morrowind Era: and the image name
===Morrowind Era===
[[ImageFile:BethesdaMW-morrowindmisc-teamDevelopment Team.jpg|thumb|right|Bethesda's team when working on [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]].]]
When Bethesda started work on Morrowind, the company was facing business problems. There were only six people left on the development team when development started. This eventually led to an aggressive takeover from ZeniMax Media Incorporated - a company co-founded by Chris Weaver himself - after they purchased Bethesda's companion-company of Media Technology Limited. The buyout was completed in 2001 with an official amendment to the Bethesda Softworks logo - the inclusion of ZeniMax Media branding - allowing the company to continue its work with ongoing projects as a subsidiary outfit.