Skyrim:Permanent Items

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Identifying persistent items: Irrelevant; you can always save before testing and reload afterwards.
#Executing "sv" console command with the reference of the item selected. If it shows that it has an alias - the item is permanent (at least until its quest is running);
#Placing an item onto a non-respawning corpse and leaving its area for an extended period of time, if the corpse persists, then the item is probably persistent (unless "sv" command on the corpse reveals the corpse to have an alias, in which case the corpse persists on its own.)
#Selling the item to a vendor, and returning after the merchant chest respawns. If the item you sold is still there, despite everything else being new, the item is probably persistent. This is a particularly useful method, since merchant chests respawn much faster than other containers or corpses, and even if the item you're testing does not stay there, at least you got a little gold out of it. However, if it proves to be persistent, you will have to ''spend'' money to get it back, so there's a trade-off to this method.
==List of permanent and persistent items==