Skyrim:Permanent Items

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Most items in Skyrim may be easily lost if placed into a respawning container, left on a body of an NPC or sold to a vendor. Still, some rare items persist in the world of Skyrim, and may even prevent corpses from disappearing. The latter quality is actually useful - for it allows accumulating a decent number of corpses for reanimation via [[Skyrim:Dead Thrall|Dead Thrall]] spell.</br>
Persistent items are of severaltwo distinct types:</br>
Type 1 - '''Permanent'''
#[[Skyrim:Aetherial_Crown|Aetherial Crown]];
#[[Skyrim:Ebony Blade|Ebony Blade]] - at least until fully upgraded
#''[[Skyrim:Letter_from_a_Friend|Letter from a Friend]]'' - all instances, at least until all possible locations with Word Walls are visited
The following items were found to be (partially) persistent:
#''[[Skyrim:The Aetherium Wars|The Aetherium Wars]]'' - Only the first copy, obtained by the player before or during associated quest.
#[[Skyrim:Ironhand Gauntlets|Ironhand Gauntlets]] looted from [[Skyrim:Hajvarr_Iron-Hand|Hajvarr Iron-Hand]]
#[[Skyrim:Klimmek's Supplies|Klimmek's Supplies]]